About Me

Welcome to Parent OnBoard! I am very excited that you are joining me on this crazy adventure called parenthood. Except unlike a lot of other adventures, parenthood comes with no instructions and just a bunch of information thrown at us, with no help to make sense of it all.

Why Parent OnBoard?

Have you ever joined a new gym and got a session with a personal trainer who showed you around? They usually show you all the equipment, talk to you about your goals and current status, show you some exercises. You leave feeling like you’ve got the hang of this thing. Did anything of the sort happen for you when you had your child? I’m pretty confident that it didn’t. It didn’t happen for me either. I was lucky in having support of wonderful friends and family, who helped me navigate and answer questions. But not everyone is friends with a midwife, a pediatrician and some very experienced mothers. So that’s why I created Parent OnBoard to help new parents navigate the roller coaster that is parenthood and help with all the sharp twists and turns that come at you fast.

How is Parent OnBoard different?

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Maria, a mom of two adorable Tasmanian devils and three fur babies. I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and have spent many years working with special needs children. I know what the experts recommend and what the “right” way is to go about dealing with postpartum issues and child development. But I also know what it’s like being a parent and that following some of the recommendations is only possible in a perfect world. I’m here to give you real world advice that is mom tested and mom approved and help you decipher expert recommendations. I’m here to help you understand your children and their needs better. When you understand the motivations and limitations of your children, it is much easier to parent with empathy and set the right expectations for them. But parenting is not all about the children. If mama and papa are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted, no good parenting is happening in the household. That’s why it’s important to concentrate on the mental and emotional health of parents. I’m here to offer you tips and tricks that will make your life easier and restore your equilibrium.

A little more about me

If you ask my friends what is the first thing that comes to mind to describe me, they’ll say “Animal Lover”. And it’s true, I have been fortunate to be a part of five animals’ lives (three cats and two dogs) over the years and love them with all my heart. Living in North Carolina has made accommodating all my animals and my sons a lot easier. They get to enjoy lots of space, beautiful nature and pretty good weather most of the year. My husband and I are quite liking it here too. We both enjoy being out in nature, hiking and observing all the beautiful wild life.

When I’m not busy taking care of my brood, my husband and I take dance lessons. We’ve been dancing Argentine Tango for years and have started learning Bachata. We’re also not strangers to the gym and love taking group classes. I also volunteer at Misty Meadows Mitey Riders, a therapeutic riding program. I get to take care of horses and be part of an amazing program that helps children with disabilities. Before we had our son, we used to ride every week and I miss it greatly. Volunteering with the horses allowed me to be next to them. 

So that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy reading the blog and learn new things that will help you be a better and happier parent.