Everyone’s Got an Opinion on Motherhood

Everyone’s Got an Opinion on Motherhood I recently read a NY Times opinion piece titled “Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness” ( and started thinking about all the conflicting and damaging messages we get about motherhood. If you’re a mother, you know that everyone’s got an opinion on motherhood. “Cliff Notes” on the Article The piece… Read More Everyone’s Got an Opinion on Motherhood


Guilt-Free Feeding

Guilt-Free Feeding Shame is not an ingredient in your child’s food Shame and guilt. Two words that should have no place in motherhood, yet they plague every mother at one point or another. One of the earliest feelings of guilt or shame are usually around feeding your child. Mothers who choose to breastfeed but have… Read More Guilt-Free Feeding


The Introverted Parent

The Introverted Parent I was just browsing for inspiration and came across an article that hit home with me. It highlights two perspectives on motherhood from two introverts, who have very different hardships with parenting. I needed to read this to know that I am not alone. Some introverted parents struggle with the physical aspects of… Read More The Introverted Parent